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Updating the assembly version date time

No Visual Studio configuration, plugins or extensions are needed - just add the nuget package to project and same functionality is in effect for all members of the team. Ms Build Task.props file for other available algorithms and supported attributes.I have struggled to find a good way to communicate with users the version of a web site.

You can also specify all four parts of the version number explicitly: Version numbers are stored as a 128-bit number that is logically partitioned into four 32-bit numbers.

I like dates but they are often tricky to implement.

My default choice has always been dates because they are easy for customers to understand.

While this works it is a hassle and can have some undesirable side effects during development depending on the implementation. This method can then easily be called in your _layout.cshtml page to show the date of the deployment on every page.

I recently found a great solution to this problem while working on an ASP. In addition, you can also choose to show it on an about page or other location of your choice.

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UPDATE: For information on the "Y7K" or "2007" issue, see our new blog entry. It provides complete support for a wide variety of version number styles, from a fixed number to numbers that change daily to numbers that increment on every build.

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