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How do you help your scientists make useful new connections and learn about potentially helpful new techniques? It’s much more fun to collect data on all of your conference delegates and use scientific clustering methods and network building algorithms to pair up the scientists in attendance based on their keenest interests. Who works with what (‘known methods’, see figure 1)?

So, with much credit in particular to Federico Vaggi (a member of the Csikász-Nagy lab) and his prodigious last minute programming skills, that is what they did. And, who would like to work with what in the future (‘wanted methods’)?

Once you have all your data and a pretty way to look at it you need a set of rules for pairing people up for their dates (This is basically the same thing that happens on most dating websites when they suggest matches for you).In countries where there are lots of stray cats and dogs, many are in poor condition, especially compared with the truly wild animals that live in the same places. The battle for survival must be incredibly tough for all these animals.Is it because feral domesticated animals can somehow live on in poor health through their association with humans, whereas nature would ruthlessly pick off any weaklings in the wild animal population?I decided that now it was time for me to return to Austria to be with him permanently.I knew my region of Austria — Carinthia — doesn’t have research infrastructure and so I was already planning on shifting from research to science communication.

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