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Then I say one unusual phrase (you’ll be amazed when I teach it to you)…and she nods her head “yes”…and I take her by the hand, walk her outside, and bring her back to my apartment for some X-rated fun :) It’s EASY once I tell you the phrase.

When you say it, girls literally turn off their brains and just think about wanting sex with you. Heck, I look like the “Before” picture in one of those fitness ads…

Well, when the string is dangling above its head, just out of reach, the cat goes […]…

: Click here to Learn How to Think Like a Player Did you ever watch a cat play with a string?

Today I want to introduce you to a buddy of mine named Brandon who has an INCREDIBLE story to tell… or at the club…hell, you might even see me at your local Starbucks…

And he also has some quick tactics you can use IMMEDIATELY to “crawl inside a woman’s mind” (and make her feel uncontrollably HORNY for you…) This is unusual, controversial stuff (he’ll explain why it’s so controversial in a minute), but my students have been absolutely raving about this guy’s lessons… And I’m picking up that smoking hot babe you WISHED you had the balls to go and talk to.

But there’s only one place you end up if you do that sh*t: “The Friend Zone.” It’s cool though, cuz…as you know if you’ve been on my list for a while…I know have it all figured out. Because right now I want to introduce you to a guy who didn’t just figure this stuff out… In this free presentation, Jason Capital shares how he went from no-hoper to magnetic stud WITHOUT cheesy pick-up lines, showering girls with gifts or acting like a gentleman.

It doesn’t matter The reason I ask this is because often people’s ‘enough’ points don’t materialise and the yardstick just keeps widening and widening to accommodate him, your excuses, and your inaction.

I know from my own experiences though that actually, it’s like prolonging the inevitable.

What we have to realise is that not only is talk cheap but that we have to be more ‘action’ focused.

If a man says ‘we are exclusive’ and then shags around behind your back or shops around online, you’re not exclusive. Anyone can say What’s the difference between a man saying ‘I want to break up’ or one that disappears for weeks (or even months) until you get the message? What you have to be careful of is analysing the crap out of the who, what, where’s, how’s and why’s instead of dealing with the facts.

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