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Dating women with a child

#Youtube Vlog Preview 7 Benefits Of Dating A Single Mother.

I was "challenged" to name just one benefit, I chose to stop myself at 7. Single parenthood is difficult, and difficult experiences come with stripes.

My current girlfriend and the love of my world has two amazing daughters who climbed into my heart faster than I could have ever imagined.

They are kind, funny, sweet, quirky, intelligent, talented, beautiful, and they motivate me to be a better man.

After assuring my husband that this wasn't some elaborate scheme to cheat on him, I decided to see whether or not checking the "has a kid" box made me more or less desirable in the online dating world.

I created profiles on two online dating sites: Plenty of Fish (POF) and Ok Cupid. I chose those sites mainly because they both ask whether or not you have children when creating your profile.

Self-described "Self Love Ambassador" and online personality Derrick Jaxn can appreciate this, and has a few things to say about the value in dating someone with kids of her own.

If she doesn't make her kids priority, she isn't the caliber woman to build a future with.

If you don't like children, it is okay, just don't date women who have kids and you don't have to worry about it.

Some are funny, like this point: "The first to several benefits of dating a woman with children is that she's likely already used to cooking, without anybody having to beg her because she has a child that needs to eat, right? And some are more serious, like when he says single moms probably have their own source of income and are financially independent, or single moms may be less likely to ditch when the relationship gets hard."I'm talking about loss of job, sickness, or just a bad argument.

You see, while a woman without a child has the luxury of jumping from train to train depending on which ride is the smoothest, a single mom doesn't want to uproot her child, so she's going to fight [for the relationship] as long as you're fighting, too," Jaxn says.

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In 2007, I met my husband on a little website called My Space.